Special tools for Kornit printer maintenance

A brief selection of non standard tools for Kornit maintenance.

Allen Key 3mm

A longer 3mm Allen Key with ball end. Very useful for print-head and ink-tank removal. Standard “L” shaped Allen Keys are too short to reach the base of the print-head case.

Slim spanner

Simply take a standard 12-13 mm spanner and remove some metal around the heads with an angle grinder. Very useful to operate on Serto fittings in small areas.

Flex head spanner

Flex open head spanner 12 mm. Useful to operate on Serto fittings from above, when you cannot easily reach them from the side.

Pipe cutter

Very useful to make a clean and straight cut in the Serto 6mm pipes.

Pallet Removal Key

This tool is sold by Kornit, useful to easily adjust or remove the brass pallet supports.

Magnetic torchlight

Pretty self-explaining…