It has been really tough…

We got our first Kornit Breeze in 2011 and it was a very early model with lot of bugs and glitches.
The technology was brand new and nobody knew exactly how to run the machine, fine tune it, maintain and fix it.

The first year was a real nightmare…

We wasted a lot of expensive ink, the printer broke many times, sometimes due to our lack of experience, sometimes due to some design flaws.
Kornit’s tech were visiting us every two months. They are really nice people, but also really expensive ones 🙁

Good prints were really a matter or luck: poor software with many strange and unpredictable bugs, poor documentation, a very long learning curve.
We were often late in order delivery, waiting for a spare parts to arrive or trying hard to obtain decent prints.

Briefly said: lot of money spent, lot of time wasted, lot of stress and some unhappy customers. The perfect mix for a failure.

…but life is better now!

Today, after many years of struggle and learning, we are running smoothly three Breeze printers, with an average of 40’000 prints per year per machine.

We also achieved many major improvements:

We decided to start the Pimk My K! project to share our experience and to sell some of our upgrades.
Stay tuned for the next-coming posts and products.