Kornit Breeze print-head replacement how-to

Great official video tutorial from Kornit explaining how to replace a print-head on a Kornit Breeze.
Read below the video for some other tips.

Tips and Tricks

  • Some of our suggested tools for Kornit printer maintenance may be very handy in this task.
  • Check that all the Serto fittings and screws in the new print-head are tight, sometimes they are not.
  • Heat sensor: if you also replace the heat sensor, you will probably need to sand it down a little bit using 500 grit sanding paper. The plastic cap is thicker than the hole in the print-head basement. Apply a light sanding all around the cap until it fits in the hole.
  • Carefully clean the borders of the print-head placement hole before inserting the new print-head (see next point).
  • Print-head positioning: there is a little gap between the print head and the insertion hole. It is a good practice to push the print-head as backward as possible and as rightward as possible. Chances are that Kornit tech did the same when assembling the print-heads in your machine and therefore calibration could be a lot easier.
    I strongly suggest to adjust the position of all the print-heads this way, if some of them are on the left/front and others are on the right/back they could be impossible to calibrate since their misplacement is wider that the maximum correction that you can apply in print-heads calibration. Redo the printer calibration after moving the print-heads.
  • New print-heads are factory protected with some kind of wax, and this protection takes some time to go away, therefore you might find yourself with a new print-head with clogged nozzles. Do not panic, they will unclog by them-self simply by using the printer.
  • After print-head replacement it is mandatory to redo the printer calibration, it is also a good practice to redo linearization to keep colors consistency.